Thursday, 2 August 2012

Confusion VS Conclusion

Hot Seat had many interesting responses. Cherishing all the positive feed back, likes and even shares on social media, we cannot ignore the feedback of the people who chose to defer and were rather confused at the end. We want to address them too, although they were the minority ;)
As filmmakers, we take the responsibility of being sensitive towards people’s sentiment and their time spent on our films.
In-fact, few thought the film should have been extended for a few more minutes. We look at it as a compliment, of them being hungry for more. But where does this thought come from?
It’s a definite conclusion viewers tend to see, but in Flaunge we would not want to force an opinion on someone. Conclusions might hinder people from seeking questions and any load of cock and bull passed by us would make sense. Then the film is no more fiction but propaganda, implanting our ideas.
For that, we have a concluded version edited for BMTC/KSRTC to promote the idea of who should and should not take up reserved seats (Big surprise!). Watch both the endings and let us know which one you would prefer.

Hot Seat (Alternate Ending)

Hot Seat (The original ending)

Gaurav Chabra, a well known human rights activist had to say, “A little bit of confusion and less understanding leads to discussion and debate.”
Well we all know what an opinionated media can do! There go the times of a debate. The other day a friend insisted that the so called army coup was the end of a democracy in India. It took him the next days report to take a completely different stance. Then days followed till I realised I was hearing the headlines of a popular newspaper every day orally. Well, he insisted those were his views on the country.
Hot seat – having the confused conclusion, was intended to provoke re-views, questions and interpretation in one’s own way, just like any other fine art form.
The few places, where Pavan could have procrastinated:
1. Taking that few extra minutes to extend his sleep. (@ 1:46 – 1:58)
2. Not taking the first bus for the lack of seats to sit, though he fought for it. (@ 3:08 – 3:24)
3. Taking the seat and the baby as an excuse to hold on to the seat, it would have been quite a guilt ridden ride – hence the name Hot Seat. (@4:10 – 6:00)
It’s the guilt of a human being when he knows his actions can lead to mishaps, even though it might not, as in the 4th case, being on the toilet seat was to say, may be not…! We all have spent our fare share of time in the loo! Sometimes you end up having the best bouts of creativity while taking a dump. (I apologise, if the line above has ruined some part of your day)
And finally, the point of view shot, suggesting that the Conductor addressing either Pavan or the audience to stop slipping into reveries and to look out for the credits. Could suggest the fact that we are all protagonists in our lives and sometimes you could just sitting on your very own ‘Hot Seat’.
Now, I just fed you with my thoughts, but it need not necessarily have to be the same for everyone. Few are entertained, few relate and few question but do take something from it. A story evolves in its own way.
The next story could have a conclusion, may have less of a discussion but never stop the the critiquing. Keep the debate on.
Re visit the film once again, once you are done reading this blog. (I think you just did ☺ )
Time to hit the loo.

Thursday, 5 July 2012

Yaake Sir…Suryange torcha?!!

We have been thinking about this for a while…
Why trailers? To create curiosity, to promote, to give sample of what is in store!! Is that correct?
Do short films need trailers?
Short films are a separate genre of story telling by itself and need independent recognition but do they really need a trailer? Lets look at the statistics, a feature film that is 2 hours long has a trailer of 2-5 minutes, a short film which is 10 minutes long must have a trailer that is 40 sec and a short film that is 3 minutes long, will have a trailer that is 1.2 seconds long! And that is just not practical in terms of the effort which one puts in to make a trailer.
We, short film makers rely on internet mostly for screening the films we make. How many  short film viewers online come back to watch the actual film after they watch the trailer; Do they have time to remember when there is so much more happening in the internet world. Why not give the film itself in the first place to leverage on the first hit? Think about it.
Short films are recognized everywhere, even in the Oscars. They have the same importance but do they need to be promoted the same way as a feature film? Can we not come out with more innovative, more practical, less expensive and a more appealing way of promoting a “Short Film”..? it’s up for debate.
Conventional type is always breakable by some thing crazy and new!!

Monday, 11 June 2012

To be or not to be?

Coming from an Advertising background, I understand, it is not just the responsibility of a filmmaker to make a good short film but also to propagate it, and make sure it reaches a greater audience.
The people anyway give the final verdict.
Flaunge wanted to reach out to more audience and Fan followers,
And with our first home production of a short fiction – Hot Seat, we had to get eyeballs rolling.
Hence, we sat to create the poster. The Flaunge team – as crazy and shameless as we are, so was our poster.
It was a teaser poster, inspired by the line in Hindi – ‘ Thasreef Rakhie ‘, Thasreef means Butt in hindi, which meant to say, please rest your butt/ass. Or sit down in plain English.
But once the poster was released we had varied responses - from WOW to no comments. Many criticized us calling it soft porn, moral policing and if Kapil sibal had seen it, we would have been a topic of discussion in Parliament.
But very few know that our intention was not just to make it sexy, but to let you know that the relationship between a seat and our Buttocks is usually overseen or neglected; and when we sit for longer period, it gets hot out there, thus making us uncomfortable. Our Short film is about this experience of the protagonist.
But now that we are done with postproduction, we have content to work on the poster, and hence here is an official static poster we release today.
Do not be disappointed, as it is clean and direct. It will have you guessing the story of the film.
I can assure you, the short film Hot Seat, would keep you on the edge of your seats till the credits roll and hence our promotions are this teasing, the wait is worth it.
Coming soon…will be a shocking trailer of the short Film – Hot Seat.
Na kabhi aisa trailer aaya hai, Na kabhi aayega…  So tune in.
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Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Content is the King.

At Flaunge, we inhale life and exhale films. I think that explains what story telling means to us.
Life, when we look at it from a certain level, we do get to see it as a big fictional story which we all are living, perceiving through our brains; Brain - which is nothing but a permutation and combination of a various experiences, exploitation, exposure – both inner and outer.
Raghu and I always wondered how interesting it is that for each of us, we have our own stories where we are the protagonists.
For our lives, we are the heroes.
Human brain is unique because it can imagine, it can imagine to the extent that the experience can be real - sensually.  It can empathize with others experiences, so sharing becomes important.
Films are the best way for us to share stories; films can be as real as somebody’s own experience if told well. That’s what we do in Flaunge. We share stories, stories beyond any range; we don’t like to block ourselves to any genre.  A story, which needs to be told, will be told and shared here.
There are stories, which are told in hours to few seconds.
At “Flaunge Shorts” we earnestly try to give a movie experience beyond its duration, as we know "content is the king".