Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Content is the King.

At Flaunge, we inhale life and exhale films. I think that explains what story telling means to us.
Life, when we look at it from a certain level, we do get to see it as a big fictional story which we all are living, perceiving through our brains; Brain - which is nothing but a permutation and combination of a various experiences, exploitation, exposure – both inner and outer.
Raghu and I always wondered how interesting it is that for each of us, we have our own stories where we are the protagonists.
For our lives, we are the heroes.
Human brain is unique because it can imagine, it can imagine to the extent that the experience can be real - sensually.  It can empathize with others experiences, so sharing becomes important.
Films are the best way for us to share stories; films can be as real as somebody’s own experience if told well. That’s what we do in Flaunge. We share stories, stories beyond any range; we don’t like to block ourselves to any genre.  A story, which needs to be told, will be told and shared here.
There are stories, which are told in hours to few seconds.
At “Flaunge Shorts” we earnestly try to give a movie experience beyond its duration, as we know "content is the king".

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  1. totally agree.. content is king.. in fact I would use the hyperbole "content is GOD".. thats everything.. the highest time and work one must expend is on the script, the story..:)

    best wishes for ur journey, with abbreviated cinema...