Monday, 11 June 2012

To be or not to be?

Coming from an Advertising background, I understand, it is not just the responsibility of a filmmaker to make a good short film but also to propagate it, and make sure it reaches a greater audience.
The people anyway give the final verdict.
Flaunge wanted to reach out to more audience and Fan followers,
And with our first home production of a short fiction – Hot Seat, we had to get eyeballs rolling.
Hence, we sat to create the poster. The Flaunge team – as crazy and shameless as we are, so was our poster.
It was a teaser poster, inspired by the line in Hindi – ‘ Thasreef Rakhie ‘, Thasreef means Butt in hindi, which meant to say, please rest your butt/ass. Or sit down in plain English.
But once the poster was released we had varied responses - from WOW to no comments. Many criticized us calling it soft porn, moral policing and if Kapil sibal had seen it, we would have been a topic of discussion in Parliament.
But very few know that our intention was not just to make it sexy, but to let you know that the relationship between a seat and our Buttocks is usually overseen or neglected; and when we sit for longer period, it gets hot out there, thus making us uncomfortable. Our Short film is about this experience of the protagonist.
But now that we are done with postproduction, we have content to work on the poster, and hence here is an official static poster we release today.
Do not be disappointed, as it is clean and direct. It will have you guessing the story of the film.
I can assure you, the short film Hot Seat, would keep you on the edge of your seats till the credits roll and hence our promotions are this teasing, the wait is worth it.
Coming soon…will be a shocking trailer of the short Film – Hot Seat.
Na kabhi aisa trailer aaya hai, Na kabhi aayega…  So tune in.
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  1. hmmm. I like the second one better than first. i do belong to the first category, kind of conservative. just do a small survey of what comes to the mind of a guy/gal when he/she sees the first poster. I have a feeling, that most wouldn't associate that kind of a poster with a brilliant movie thats got nothing to do with skin-show. The second, post-production poster looks neat, it makes me ask "wht's the connection between the protogonist n seat, hotseat? it makes me curious, not carnal inquisitiveness that the first poster leads to..