Thursday, 5 July 2012

Yaake Sir…Suryange torcha?!!

We have been thinking about this for a while…
Why trailers? To create curiosity, to promote, to give sample of what is in store!! Is that correct?
Do short films need trailers?
Short films are a separate genre of story telling by itself and need independent recognition but do they really need a trailer? Lets look at the statistics, a feature film that is 2 hours long has a trailer of 2-5 minutes, a short film which is 10 minutes long must have a trailer that is 40 sec and a short film that is 3 minutes long, will have a trailer that is 1.2 seconds long! And that is just not practical in terms of the effort which one puts in to make a trailer.
We, short film makers rely on internet mostly for screening the films we make. How many  short film viewers online come back to watch the actual film after they watch the trailer; Do they have time to remember when there is so much more happening in the internet world. Why not give the film itself in the first place to leverage on the first hit? Think about it.
Short films are recognized everywhere, even in the Oscars. They have the same importance but do they need to be promoted the same way as a feature film? Can we not come out with more innovative, more practical, less expensive and a more appealing way of promoting a “Short Film”..? it’s up for debate.
Conventional type is always breakable by some thing crazy and new!!