Thursday, 2 August 2012

Confusion VS Conclusion

Hot Seat had many interesting responses. Cherishing all the positive feed back, likes and even shares on social media, we cannot ignore the feedback of the people who chose to defer and were rather confused at the end. We want to address them too, although they were the minority ;)
As filmmakers, we take the responsibility of being sensitive towards people’s sentiment and their time spent on our films.
In-fact, few thought the film should have been extended for a few more minutes. We look at it as a compliment, of them being hungry for more. But where does this thought come from?
It’s a definite conclusion viewers tend to see, but in Flaunge we would not want to force an opinion on someone. Conclusions might hinder people from seeking questions and any load of cock and bull passed by us would make sense. Then the film is no more fiction but propaganda, implanting our ideas.
For that, we have a concluded version edited for BMTC/KSRTC to promote the idea of who should and should not take up reserved seats (Big surprise!). Watch both the endings and let us know which one you would prefer.

Hot Seat (Alternate Ending)

Hot Seat (The original ending)

Gaurav Chabra, a well known human rights activist had to say, “A little bit of confusion and less understanding leads to discussion and debate.”
Well we all know what an opinionated media can do! There go the times of a debate. The other day a friend insisted that the so called army coup was the end of a democracy in India. It took him the next days report to take a completely different stance. Then days followed till I realised I was hearing the headlines of a popular newspaper every day orally. Well, he insisted those were his views on the country.
Hot seat – having the confused conclusion, was intended to provoke re-views, questions and interpretation in one’s own way, just like any other fine art form.
The few places, where Pavan could have procrastinated:
1. Taking that few extra minutes to extend his sleep. (@ 1:46 – 1:58)
2. Not taking the first bus for the lack of seats to sit, though he fought for it. (@ 3:08 – 3:24)
3. Taking the seat and the baby as an excuse to hold on to the seat, it would have been quite a guilt ridden ride – hence the name Hot Seat. (@4:10 – 6:00)
It’s the guilt of a human being when he knows his actions can lead to mishaps, even though it might not, as in the 4th case, being on the toilet seat was to say, may be not…! We all have spent our fare share of time in the loo! Sometimes you end up having the best bouts of creativity while taking a dump. (I apologise, if the line above has ruined some part of your day)
And finally, the point of view shot, suggesting that the Conductor addressing either Pavan or the audience to stop slipping into reveries and to look out for the credits. Could suggest the fact that we are all protagonists in our lives and sometimes you could just sitting on your very own ‘Hot Seat’.
Now, I just fed you with my thoughts, but it need not necessarily have to be the same for everyone. Few are entertained, few relate and few question but do take something from it. A story evolves in its own way.
The next story could have a conclusion, may have less of a discussion but never stop the the critiquing. Keep the debate on.
Re visit the film once again, once you are done reading this blog. (I think you just did ☺ )
Time to hit the loo.

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  1. watched them both again, I didn't have to debate hard inside to choose which one I like more. THE ORIGINAL.
    Yes little bit of confusion would make one stay with the thing that caused confusion because by nature we don't like to be confused, it is instability. we try to understand things we come across, how we do it and what we make out of it is entirely the result of our conditioning of our perception formed through the events, surroundings, people, books, media, etc.
    whatever I don't understand,I try to make sense by discussing with others, reviewing, thinking over it several times and in the end I either lazily subscribe to the popular view or if not lazy, I give my own hypothesis and stick with it.
    Good job with your work.
    Hotseat has already got more than 10k views which goes to show it has generated interest. Follow it up with even more compelling product. You guys are very capable. You can go as big as your ambitions let you.

    wish you luck with things to come.